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How to paint by numbers

Colour by numbers

I hope you are enjoying your new art by numbers project.  Before you start painting, there are a few tips I'd like to share with you.

1)  Your new kit contains everything you need to paint a beautiful piece of art work.  Included you will have a numbered canvas, either framed or unframed depending on the product you ordered; a number of paint brushes; the corresponding numbered paints and a guide to help you complete your artwork.

2)  Before you start painting, make sure you have the space to lay your canvas down or use an easel if you have one to stand your canvas on.

3)  Get yourself a small pot of cold water for washing your brushes when you want to change your paint colour. I always have a piece of kitchen roll or a small clean cloth to hand for wiping off any excess water after you've cleaned your brush. You don't want your paints to become too watery.

4)  There are various techniques you could employ to paint your art work.  

  • paint all the colours with the same number on your canvas first moving from top to bottom to avoid smudging your work whilst the paint is still wet. 
  • Wait until the colour you've painted is dry and then start another colour and paint all of those spaces in the same way you did the previous colour
  • start from one corner and fill in all the different colours, cleaning your brushes and changing the paint colours as shown on your canvas ( I am left handed so I tend to start in the right hand corner of my art work so I don't smudge the paint as I paint). Changing from one colour to another in this way does tend to waste paint as you continue to clean your brush between colour changes 
  • ensure you don't smudge your picture by waiting for paint to dry and be careful not to lean on wet paint
  • Use a dabbing motion for the most part.  If the area is large, you could use brush strokes however, for better control, a dabbing technique is really helpful
  • Where spaces are really small, use a toothpick to complete these areas or use the finest 0.00 paint brush. You may want to thin down your paint a little with water to paint very small areas
  • You may want to use a standing lamp with a magnifier attached to give you the maximum light to see your work area. See other equipment for details of lamps, brushes and easels etc.

     Its more than just a hobby!!

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