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I'm Every Woman

Posted by Elaine Mills on

It's all in the eyes This is a great piece to work on and creates beautiful results.  The paints are high quality and you will be truly happy with the way the painting turns out!

I'm Every Woman is an intricate design and may require several hours of painting , however, the beauty of Painting By Numbers is that anyone can do it.  All it takes is a little patience and a steady hand. 

I created I'm Every Woman in an attempt to bring painting by numbers into the 21st century, to modernise this traditional art form. I love painting by numbers. It gives me great pleasure however I had a hankering to create some new pieces hence I'm Every Woman and Little Sister and The Apple Of My Eye. 

The spaces are small and you may worry about staying within the lines but don't worry too much about that - this is art! and every spoil is a style which was a favourite saying of my mother's!! What I would say is that it is important to be as neat as you can be around the facial features.  You want the face and the jewellery on this piece to look great so accuracy is more important in these areas, however, as I said earlier, with patience and a steady hand, anybody can do this.  I did it, so can you and you'll be so proud of yourself with the results.

The paint brushes, the paints and instructions are all included.  Makes a great gift too.  The picture is ready framed so as soon as you finish it you can display it on your wall straight away.  Beautiful art work, self-made and at affordable prices. Who knew!!

You will have a wonderful sense of achievement as you see this picture emerge. Once you get to the eyes and the eye lashes, you'll be like "wow!! That's fantastic". You will be totally awestruck by how the eyes and the eye lashes look. You'll feel the same when you get to the earrings and the other jewellery. 

For me, painting by numbers is great for wellbeing. It makes me happy as the picture emerges - to think I did that is a wonderful feeling. 

I'd love to know what you think of I'm Every Woman once you've tried it. Please post pictures and comments on your progress in painting this piece on my Facebook page: Sun Colours Art @Manchesterpaintbynumbers. 

Please also leave your comments below. Can't wait to hear from you. 




  • Hi Elaine. I forgot to get get back to you about those. My boys completed them on the day you brought them round. They thoroughly enjoyed doing them, and wanted more straight away. It was definitely a positive for them, as they are usually stuck to their devices. I do plan to order some more from you.

    Nicky on

  • Hi Elaine. What an awesome refreshing update on the well known art of painting by numbers. Your I’m Every Woman is a beautiful image and i’m looking forward to trying it out and seeing your product range as it develops. I haven’t yet tried your products as I’ve only just got your brand new site link invitation but am sure when I do I along with those I buy gifts for will be amazed by our personally self painted pieces.

    I love your creative idea, it’s absolutely fabulous and i’ll definitely be back to purchase and comment.

    Wishing you all the very best with your new business. I love the culturally diverse aspect of your work and the representation of Caribbean and African images and I can think of a lot of folks who would love this and benefit from it too in many ways so I will be sharing this with my networks for sure.

    Well done and congratulations.

    Yaz :-)

    Birmingham UK

    Yaz Alexander on

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