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Anxiety, stress, sleepless nights?

Posted by Elaine Mills on

I think most us have trouble sleeping at some time or another and stress and anxiety often doesn't seem far away.

We can spend time, money and even more energy trying to figure out why these problems occur for us and end up just feeling anxious; stressed and unable to sleep!!  Kinda defeats the object right?  A better approach might  be to do something to relieve these symptoms.  

Often a simple shift in focus is what's needed.

Changing the way you think to focus on what you can do rather than on what's bothering you is all you need.  #suncoloursart. The difference between negative thinking and positive thinking.


So you know you're stressed - you see the problem. 

Believe that change is possible.  Believe that doing some things differently can change your mindset. 

Do something different - a hobby #suncoloursart ; sport ; reading; pray; take a leisurely bath. Whatever it is just do it.

Take time out to shift your mindset and see how differently you feel. 


Whenever you feel stressed, anxious or restless, repeat these 3 simple steps.

Let me know how this strategy works for you.

Works for me. 



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